We need your help this fall!

Posted on August 21, 2020

While the Chautauqua season may be simmering down, the need for volunteers is still strong. If you plan on being in Lakeside after Labor Day and are available to volunteer, please let us know! Contact the Lakeside Chautauqua Foundation (LCF) Office at (419) 798 4461, ext. 246, communications@lakesideohio.com or stop by 217 Walnut Ave.

We have many volunteer opportunities through early October and appreciate all the help we can get so that our 2021 season is prepped for visiting families and friends. Check out what help is needed below!

2020 Fall volunteer tasks

Please note that this list is tentative and is continuously being updated. Some of these tasks may change in the coming weeks as priorities arise.

To be done:

  • Hotel Lakeside
  • Scraping, power washing and cleaning the fountain
  • Tasks at 617 Polar Ave.
  • Removing vines and growth around garage
  • Removing growth from the north side of lot
  • Scraping and painting garage (Lakeside will supply tools, brushes and paint. If a volunteer offers to buy supplies, we prefer that it will be considered a donation to Lakeside.)
  • Blowing leaves to the street at each building (Bring your own leaf blower)
  • Wesley Lodge
  • Wo-Ho-Mis Lodge
  • Hilltop House & Hilltop Annex
  • Pool frontage
  • Wellness Center and exercise walkway adjacent to pool
  • Any part of the lakefront parks to the streets
  • Memorial Garden near the road and pavilion
  • Bradley Temple

Continue doing:

  • Dusting front porch of Hotel Lakeside
  • Cleaning the lakefront of trash and debris
  • Weeding as needed where volunteers are committed
  • Weed whacking as needed where volunteers are committed

If interested in signing up this fall, contact communications@lakesideohio.com, (419) 798-4461, ext. 246 or visit 217 Walnut Ave.