Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a powerful tool we can use to engage and align all stakeholders, to focus our resources, and to guide our decision-making for the next three to five years. As Lakeside approaches its 150th anniversary, it seems an auspicious time to look deeply and honestly into the current state and to explore opportunities to strengthen, grow and preserve all that is so wonderful about this special place.

In the past, strategic plan efforts have typically been staff or board led and while both groups are important participants in the planning process, our preference is to start from the bottom up by seeking input from our Lakeside community.

The Process

Below is a diagram that the Strategic Planning Committee created to explain the entire process as it relates to the existing Master Plan and the creation of an Operational Plan.

Lakeside's Master Plan process produced a high-level plan focused primarily on critical infrastructure. Infrastructure is primarily buildings, streets and sewers, and traffic flow. This Master Plan, while complete as a preferred vision for Lakeside’s infrastructure, is not a Strategic Plan. The Master Plan helps Lakeside see the long-range vision and possibilities that could be accomplished, over the span of 5-25 years, with respect to key infrastructure.

To that end, the Lakeside Association Board and Chautauqua Foundation Board have set in motion a strategic plan process that focuses community, boards, and staff on 12 key areas of Lakeside’s purpose and operations. These areas were identified by the Board and will be further refined by input obtained from the community survey. Each area of focus will have a Working Group. Each Working Group has a leader from the community, 8-10 members, mostly from the community also, and a charter to help guide each group through the process. The Working Groups will meet during January-March 2021 (see listing below).

The data gained from our survey will be provided to each Working Group in January and will form the basis of their discussion and examination of each area of focus, together with other pre-existing work done by the board committees, staff, and the Master Plan. The recommendations and observations of each group will be reviewed and approved by the Board in April-May of 2021 and crafted into Lakeside’s Strategic Plan. The plan, once approved, will then be turned over to the Senior Management team to begin the process of writing an Operational Plan. The Operational Plan is typically a one-year plan with very specific and measurable goals needed to achieve progress toward implementing the Strategic Plan’s long-term initiatives.

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Strategic Planning Process