Whether you want to enhance your tennis skills, play in a friendly match or challenge yourself in a tournament, tennis at Lakeside Chautauqua was designed with you in mind. Home to 10 courts throughout the grounds with three different types of court surfaces, experience the challenge and fun of tennis at Lakeside.


The Lakeside tennis facilities feature 10 tennis courts of three different surfaces. At the Williams Tennis Campus, located on Sixth Street in South Lakeside, there are three fast-drying HarTru courts, two natural clay courts and two hard courts. Three additional hard courts are located along the lakefront in Perry Park.


Hit the courts and meet new friends at private tennis lessons, tournaments or round robins.

  • Private lessons & group lessons
  • USTA '10 & Under' QuickStart children lessons
  • Adult mixers
  • Round Robins
  • Breakfast at Wimbledon
  • Williams Family Doubles Tennis Tournaments
  • All-Lakeside Tennis Tournament

Youth Tennis Program

Lakeside Chautauqua offers a United States Tennis Association (USTA) '10 & Under' QuickStart tennis program. This youth program introduces children to tennis by teaching the fundamentals. It's unique because it uses portable nets to create smaller courts, different size rackets and three different types of tennis balls that are introduced sequentially as children develop their strokes and learn to rally successfully. By using slower-moving and lower-bouncing balls, shorter and lighter rackets and smaller courts, children of all ages are able to grasp the fundamentals of tennis more easily and develop their skills more successfully.

New in 2018: Pickleball

Pickleball, a game that combines elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong, has become a trending sport in Lakeside and around the country in recent years, resulting in the Lakeside Chautauqua Board of Directors approving a plan to build eight dedicated pickleball courts south of the Williams Tennis Campus. Given the simple rules and the accessibility for all ages and skill levels, it’s no wonder that it’s become such a popular Lakeside sport.

Stay tuned for more information about the opening of the pickleball courts, which is scheduled for the summer of 2018.