We’re always working to improve your Lakeside experience, and we invite you to download our NEW app!

See you next year!

The app will be available to use May 2020. Sign up for our e-newsletter at lakesideohio.com/enews or follow Lakeside on Facebook facebook.com/lakesideohio for announcements until then.

What's Mambo?

Every summer, Lakeside hosts more than 4,000 events, so it was important to find an interface that could hold our extensive schedule of events, but still be easy-to-use for guests.

After more than a year and a half of research, Lakeside has partnered with Mambo, a social engagement platform/app designed to make activities accessible and enhance social interaction within communities.

Mambo was named after the Latin dance because it involves the coordinated movements of leaders (event creators, like Lakeside) and followers (users, like you).

Please note that guests should visit lakesideohio.com/app and lakesideohio.com/appquestions for questions. Please email app@lakesideohio.com directly and not the Mambo company.

Who's "Doing the Mambo?"

Because of its community focus, schools, businesses, towns and other Chautauqua communities are using Mambo.

App Features

On the app, you can personalize your Lakeside experience, explore categories to try something new, organize your interests, follow your favorite events, and ultimately, meet new friends at Lakeside.

While some events appear on the website and are listed in the Lakesider newspaper, the app now offers the most comprehensive summer schedule and can even alert you of last-minute changes and important news.

Curious about what’s happening today in Lakeside? Looking for what time the pool opens? Interested in who’s performing in Hoover Auditorium tonight? Want to see business hours and restaurant menus? Find it all in only three clicks!

Furthermore, the app is for everyone, whether you’re visiting for a day, weekend, week or all summer long. In fact, it’s so easy to use, that your kids can download it (with parents' permission).

Everything on the app is like everything in Lakeside – family-friendly and safe for kids. There are even categories for children and teens to follow.